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Music and graphics are the two most favourite thing I like to Produce, since I've been introduced in the programming world, Programming seems to be the next favourite thing I will like to focus on. I'm currently Studying Web, The script languages I know so far is (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, XML, WML, etc.) from the server side (PHP, SQL, MYsql) and the library language i like to use is Jquery. I'm one person who likes to learn something new almost every day.

Beco Generator Ad
Very cold art work designed for beco

Ice cold   Artist: lerato letwaba

 This art work was a brief handed in by Beco at Wet paint advertising for their generator that is used at the retailor shops like pick and pay, shop right, etc. it's save energy (electricity) by turning of the energy going to the refrigerator when a certain degree it's reached. So the client wanted a girl to make the generator to look sexy (ha!!) what can I say the client is always right. For this art work I used a lot of filter and levels to give me that light atmosphere, the most important filter I use to get that ice effect is (glass) , a lot of ice pictures, render 3D images for the abstract light texture and for touch up blue layer on top.

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